• Private bathroom with hot and cold water
  • Closet
  • Breakfast included
  • Cable TV
  • Window to the Garden
  • View towards the mountains

The blue-headed parrot (Pionus menstruus) is a species of neotropical bird in the parrot family.

With a large head and a short tail; This robust parrot usually lives in the crowns of wooded areas. It forms flocks when not breeding, and spends the night in large groups in the trees.

They usually travel a certain distance to spend the night, flying over the trees quickly and energetically. In flight it is loud, with loud, harsh cries and high-pitched squeaky calls. Calla after perching in the trees to eat. The diet consists of fruits, seeds, and flowers, especially trees, although sometimes it visits fields to raid crops such as cornfields and banana trees.

Physical characteristics
In adults, the head and neck are mainly bright blue, mixed with pinkish red at the throat, and the ear spot is black. The chest is dark greenish with a blue scaling and the abdomen is green. It is darker green above, with the primaries and pilothouses largely blue, and the undertail coverts and inner vane of the pilothouses pinkish red. The iris is dark brown. The bill, the wax and the eye ring are blackish, with a pinkish reddish square spot on each side of the maxilla, the legs are brownish

Room details

  • Guests: 2
  • Room size: 16 m²
  • Bed size(s): 1,00
  • Room type

Room conditions

  • We have all the biosecurity protocols, we ensure the safety of our guest and our team of collaborators.
  • Upon arrival at the hotel there is a disinfection point for both the guest and the suitcases
  • When arriving at the hotel they must have on the mask.
  • In social areas you must wear a mask.
  • In social areas you must keep the social distancing of 2 meters.
  • The hotel has different disinfection points.
  • If you feel symptoms of Covid, please notify the reception.
$139,000 / Per night
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