• Hotel La Floresta Salento reserves the right of admission and permanence.
  • The time of entry to the rooms (Check-in) is at 2 pm. However, if you arrive before the stipulated time you can enter the room, if we have availability and they are properly cleaned.
  • The departure (Check-out) is at 12:00 noon. At noon you must deliver the room, after that time, if you require it, you can store your luggage at no cost and continue using the Hotel facilities, take a shower, drink coffee or tea and wait in the common areas relaxed, until the time of your departure.
  • If the guest wishes to stay one more night, he must inform the reception in the morning, this in order to verify availability.
  • All the people staying must register with their respective identification document (Passport, Immigration Identification Card, Colombian Identification Card, Children civil registration or identity card).
  • Hotel La Floresta Salento has a safe at no cost for guests. Hotel La Floresta Salento is not responsible for the loss of valuables, unless they have been stored in the safe.
  • The services provided by Hotel La Floresta Salento must be used in accordance with the rules of good faith, without the waste or disproportionate use of the same being understood to be included in the price.
  • During your stay, visits will be received in the common areas, as they are prohibited in the room. The hotel reserves the right to admit occasional visits.
  • To have the parking service you must reserve in advance, the parking reservation does not have any additional cost.
  • Arrival time must be confirmed, in case of not being able to meet the arrival time. Please contact Hotel La Floresta Salento to keep your reservation.
  • In Hotel La Floresta Salento the lights go out at 11 pm and after that time no one can be in social areas.
  • If they arrive after 11 pm at Hotel La Floresta Salento, they must enter without making noise, since the sleep of the other guests must be respected.
  • To reserve you must pay the total value of the reservation before arriving and money is only returned if you cancel the reservation 72 hours in advance less the 20% that is charged for administration.
  • We welcome all kinds of suggestions to improve the Hotel's service.
  • Smoking is prohibited in the rooms and closed areas of Hotel La Floresta Salento.
  • We appreciate respecting the rest of the other guests and the tranquility of Hotel La Floresta Salento.
  • We appreciate the care of the common areas
  • When you leave the shared bathroom or the room, we appreciate that you turn off the lights and verify that the water taps in the bathrooms are closed. Let's help preserve the planet, giving an adequate use of public services.
  • If you are returning late at night or leaving early in the morning, we appreciate that you please try to be as quiet as possible for the comfort of other guests.
  •  If you require laundry service, please leave your clothes at the reception and specify if there are clothes that run in color and clothes that cannot be tumble dried.
  • Hotel La Floresta Salento has a common kitchen for guests that they can use, we appreciate cleaning it after using it.
  • The Hotel La Floresta Salento lights turn off at 11 pm. No one can be in social areas and we appreciate the silence after this time, respecting the sleep of the other guests.


  • PRICE POLICY: The costs of our services DO NOT include the value of the Insurance and Hotel Contribution and are expressed exclusively in Colombian pesos (COP).
  • INSURANCE AND HOTEL CONTRIBUTION: The cost will be informed at the time of booking in (COP) Colombian pesos per person per night of stay.
  • SERVICES INCLUDED IN THE RATE: Accommodation, Breakfast, WIFI Internet Connection, Use of social areas.
  • SERVICES NOT INCLUDED IN THE RATE: Laundry Service, Consumptions issued at the hotel that are charged, Other services not specified in the rate.
  • GUARANTEE: To guarantee the reservation in all situations, the 100% of the first night of accommodation must be canceled.


NO SHOW: In case of no-show of the guest without prior notice within 72 hours of arrival, in all cases the 100% of the first night will be charged as a penalty.

EARLY DEPARTURE: In case the guest leaves the Hotel earlier than expected in all cases, they must cancel the 50% of the remaining nights as a penalty.

CANCELLATION: In case the cancellation of the reservation is after 72 hours before arrival, in all cases, you must cancel the 100% of the first night as a penalty. And if you cancel the reservation before 72 hours, the money will be refunded less 20 % for administrative expenses.

ACCEPTANCE: THE CLIENT declares to accept these general contracting conditions and said acceptance is ratified by means of any one of the following acts: a) The payment of the contracted services before the beginning of the provision of these in any way; b) The payment of the 50% required as a Guarantee for the initiation of the provision of the Services c) The acceptance of the invoice of the services contracted directly by THE CLIENT or by any person dependent on him or related to him directly or indirectly; d) By using any portion of the contracted services.